[ lim-fan-jee-oh-muh, lim-fan- ]
/ lɪmˌfæn dʒiˈoʊ mə, ˌlɪm fæn- /

noun, plural lym·phan·gi·o·mas, lym·phan·gi·o·ma·ta [lim-fan-jee-oh-muh-tuh, lim-fan-] /lɪmˌfæn dʒiˈoʊ mə tə, ˌlɪm fæn-/. Pathology.

a benign tumor composed of dilated and newly formed lymph vessels.

Origin of lymphangioma

From New Latin, dating back to 1875–80; see origin at lymphangi-, -oma
Related formslym·phan·gi·om·a·tous [lim-fan-jee-om-uh-tuh s, lim-fan-] /lɪmˌfæn dʒiˈɒm ə təs, ˌlɪm fæn-/, adjective

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[ an-jee-oh-muh ]
/ ˌæn dʒiˈoʊ mə /

noun, plural an·gi·o·mas, an·gi·o·ma·ta [an-jee-oh-muh-tuh] /ˌæn dʒiˈoʊ mə tə/. Pathology.

a benign tumor consisting chiefly of dilated or newly formed blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma).

Origin of angioma

First recorded in 1870–75; angi- + -oma
Related formsan·gi·om·a·tous [an-jee-om-uh-tuh s, -oh-muh-] /ˌæn dʒiˈɒm ə təs, -ˈoʊ mə-/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • Angioma, lymphangioma, and neuroma are described with the disease of the individual tissues.

    Manual of Surgery|Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles

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/ (ˌændʒɪˈəʊmə) /

noun plural -mas or -mata (-mətə)

a tumour consisting of a mass of blood vessels (haemangioma) or a mass of lymphatic vessels (lymphangioma)
Derived Formsangiomatous, adjective
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Word Origin and History for lymphangioma



1867, medical Latin, from angio- + -oma.

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[ lĭm-făn′jē-ōmə ]


A benign tumorlike mass of lymphatic vessels or channels that vary in size, are frequently greatly dilated, and are lined with normal endothelial cells.

Medicine definitions for lymphangioma (2 of 2)


[ ăn′jē-ōmə ]

n. pl. an•gi•o•mas

A tumor composed chiefly of lymphatic vessels or blood vessels.
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