[ li-net ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Lynette Clark, a leader of the Alaskan Independence Party, said that she was encouraged by the news of out of the Badger State.

I am not saying that this is what Lynette and Venus are doing.

Karl died as a result, and Lynette later miscarried one of her twins.

Lynette becomes a CEO and she and Tom (Doug Savant) move to New York City, buy a penthouse, and have six grandchildren.

She was “our greatest female war poet” and yet today almost no one has heard of Lynette Roberts.

Then Gareth told Lynette to go further off, to a place of safety.

At supper-time, the knight put a chair for Gareth beside Lynette.

There are some similar things by Tennyson, in Gareth and Lynette, and elsewhere in his later publications.

Then Lynette drew her palfrey to one side of the way and to a place whence she might behold all that befell.

And he launched forth all the anger that he felt against the damsel Lynette who had also scorned him.