[ lingks ]
/ lɪŋks /
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noun, plural lynx·es, (especially collectively) lynx for 1.

any of several wildcats of the genus Lynx (or Felis), having long limbs, a short tail, and usually tufted ears, especially L. lynx(Canada lynx ), of Canada and the northern U.S., having grayish-brown fur marked with white.
genitive Lyn·cis [lin-sis]. /ˈlɪn sɪs/. (initial capital letter)Astronomy. a northern constellation between Ursa Major and Auriga.



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Origin of lynx

1300–50; Middle English <Latin <Greek lýnx
lynxlike, adjective
links, lynx
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British Dictionary definitions for lynx (1 of 2)

/ (lɪŋks) /

noun plural lynxes or lynx

a feline mammal, Felis lynx (or canadensis), of Europe and North America, with grey-brown mottled fur, tufted ears, and a short tailRelated adjective: lyncean
the fur of this animal
bay lynx another name for bobcat
desert lynx another name for caracal
Also called: Polish lynx a large fancy pigeon from Poland, with spangled or laced markings
lynxlike, adjective
C14: via Latin from Greek lunx; related to Old English lox, German Luchs

British Dictionary definitions for lynx (2 of 2)

/ (lɪŋks) /

noun Latin genitive Lyncis (ˈlɪnsɪs)

a faint constellation in the N hemisphere lying between Ursa Major and Cancer
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