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  1. the amount of money in circulation in notes and coin plus non-interest-bearing bank deposits, building-society deposits, and National Savings accounts

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Example Sentences

M2 data suggests that in the last 12 months, the savings stock in the U.S. banking system has risen by about $700 billion.

The material assigned to M1 and M2 after xiii, 37, is about equally divided between them.

They are found fourteen times in M1, fifteen times in M2, and twenty-one times in the passages ascribed to Ev.

The anterior entapophysio-branchial muscle (m2) is attached to the branchial cartilage near the entapophysis.

The anterior edge of the base of the zygomatic arch of KU no. 11210 was dorsal to M2.

Of the three small stylar cusps on the stylar shelf of M2 the smallest is in the position of a mesostyle.


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