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[mey-buh l]
  1. a female given name.
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Also Ma·belle [mey-bel, mey-bel] /meɪˈbɛl, ˈmeɪ bɛl/, Ma·ble.
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Historical Examples

  • I guess you ought to know, Mable, I paid your way in often enough.

    "That's me all over, Mable"

    Edward Streeter

  • They call it a still, Mable, cause they have to use it on the quiet.

  • The more I see of the army, Mable, the more I think its an awful bluff.

  • If I ever get old, Mable, dont let me read the newspaper out loud.

  • I guess thats the way these boats make records so often, Mable.

Word Origin and History for mable


fem. proper name, shortening of Amabel. Enjoyed its greatest popularity as a given name for girl babies in U.S. from c.1884-1895.

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