[ mas-i-doh-nee-uh, -dohn-yuh ]


  1. Also Mac·e·don [] an ancient kingdom in the Balkan Peninsula, in S Europe: now a region in N Greece, SW Bulgaria, and the Republic of Macedonia.
  2. a republic in S Europe: formerly (1945–92) a constituent republic of Yugoslavia. 9,928 sq. mi. (25,713 sq. km). : Skopje.


/ ˌmæsɪˈdəʊnɪə /


  1. a country in SE Europe, comprising the NW half of ancient Macedon: it became part of the kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (subsequently Yugoslavia) in 1913; it declared independence in 1992, but Greece objected to the use of the historical name Macedonia; in 1993 it was recognized by the UN under its current official name. Official language: Macedonian. Religion: Christian majority, Muslim, nonreligious, and Jewish minorities. Currency: denar. Capital: Skopje. Pop: 2 087 171 (2013 est). Area: 25 713 sq km (10 028 sq miles) Serbian nameMakedonija Official nameFormer Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaFYROM
  2. an area of N Greece, comprising the regions of Macedonia Central, Macedonia West, and part of Macedonia East and Thrace Modern Greek nameMakedhonia
  3. a district of SW Bulgaria, now occupied by Blagoevgrad province. Area: 6465 sq km (2496 sq miles)


  1. Republic in southeastern Europe on the west Balkan Peninsula , bordered by Yugoslavia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west. Its capital and largest city is Skopje.

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The country has been marked by conflict between minority ethnic Albanians and majority Slavs.
Macedonia is part of a mountainous region of the Balkan Peninsula, also called Macedonia, that was once ruled by the Ottoman Empire and divided in 1912 among Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia (later Yugoslavia).
Greece has objected to the republic's adoption of the name Macedonia, which is also the name of a Greek province and which to the Greeks has been historically associated with Alexander the Great and ancient Greece.

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Example Sentences

The author, former Facebook data scientist Jeff Allen, found that these exact tactics had allowed clickbait farms in Macedonia and Kosovo to reach nearly half a million Americans a year before the 2020 election.

Following the example of actors from Macedonia and Kosovo, the newest operators have realized they need to understand neither a country’s local context nor its language to turn political outrage into income.

In his 2019 report, Allen found that 75% of users who were exposed to clickbait content from farms run in Macedonia and Kosovo had never followed any of the pages.

The report looks specifically at troll farms based in Kosovo and Macedonia, which are run by people who don’t necessarily understand American politics.

Even though one of Macedonia’s biggest soccer clubs was interested in his talent, they simply did not have the budget to execute a transfer.

From Quartz

The corpse of a British man who died in Macedonia is being flown to Frankfurt for Ebola testing.

It wasn't until a 2002 trip back to Macedonia that Jasaroska, 37, delved into activism for Roma rights.

Lois Labrianidis, an economic geographer at the University of Macedonia, says that Greece is now facing a brain drain.

And if Shefki Dulovi of Macedonia is any example, the kids do all right.

Our mother did not want to live in Macedonia, so we stayed in Elbasan.

He applied to business, and took an interest in everything that passed at the court of Macedonia.

Neon, the ancestors of Brachylles, who were the most prominent in the party which favoured Macedonia.

One year he is making a raid into Macedonia and Thessaly and plundering Larissa.

Some of these were on the coasts of Macedonia and Thrace, and some on the banks of the Strymon.

Thus did also the brethren, and such fruit did they bear, who out of Macedonia supplied what was lacking to him.


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