[ mah-kuhn-zuhn ]

  1. Au·gust von [ou-goost fuhn], /ˈaʊ gʊst fən/, 1849–1945, German field marshal.

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How to use Mackensen in a sentence

  • Ruzsky's retreat to the Bzura in face of Mackensen's terrific onrush was one of the brilliant episodes of the war.

  • It was not until Mackensen's great 'drive' began on the southern flank in Galicia that Germany's new strategy revealed itself.

  • Mackensen's guns, opening up a way for the strongest army yet mustered under one general, blew the Dunajec lines to fragments.

  • Mackensen attacked on the whole line in the Dobrudja, and five days later he was on the vital Cernavoda Bridge.

  • For a moment it looked as if von Mackensen was about to roll up the two halves of Dmitrieff's army and achieve another Sedan.