[ mad-uhm ]
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noun,plural mes·dames [mey-dam, -dahm] /meɪˈdæm, -ˈdɑm/ for 1; mad·ams for 2, 3.
  1. (often initial capital letter) a polite term of address to a woman, originally used only to a woman of rank or authority: Madam President; May I help you, madam?

  2. the woman in charge of a household: Is the madam at home?

  1. the woman in charge of a house of prostitution.

Origin of madam

1250–1300; Middle English madame<Old French, originally ma dame my lady; see dame

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/ (ˈmædəm) /

nounplural madams or for sense 1 mesdames (ˈmeɪˌdæm)
  1. a polite term of address for a woman, esp one considered to be of relatively high social status

  2. a woman who runs a brothel

  1. British informal a precocious or pompous little girl

  2. the madam Southern African informal the lady of the house

Origin of madam

C13: from Old French ma dame my lady

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