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[ mad-n ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to anger or infuriate:

    The delays maddened her.

    Synonyms: annoy, vex, irritate, exasperate, inflame, anger, enrage, provoke

    Antonyms: mollify, calm

  2. to make insane.

verb (used without object)

  1. to become mad; act as if mad; rage.


/ ˈmædən /


  1. to make or become mad or angry
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Other Words From

  • un·maddened adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of madden1

First recorded in 1725–35; mad + -en 1
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Example Sentences

Do you think Madden made a genuine contribution to the culture of the period with his nightclubs?

Joe Madden, the literary barkeep, pointed him out to me from the sidelines.

Mr. Duffy, it happened, was Big Bill Duffy, a jolly henchman of Owney Madden, the racketeer.

He's Eyetalian,” said Mr. Madden, “and he might know all that kind of stuff.

The next night he sat down in Rizzo's restaurant, as usual, with Owney Madden and other lovable tourists.

That rush and impact seemed to serve only to madden the rioters, and in an instant there was wild hand-to-hand combat.

It was enough to madden a man, unless he plunged into the immediate work of making as much noise as his neighbor.

Hhliche spilede: Madden translates nobly diverted themselves, with the usual meaning of OE.

In this book George Madden Martin has traced the progress of a winsome little maid from the first grade to the end of high school.

The withering scorn with which she uttered these last words seemed to madden him.