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[ meyd-too-awr-der, -tuh- ]


  1. made in accordance with an individual's specifications or requirements: Compare ready-to-wear.

    a made-to-order suit.

  2. perfectly suited.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of made-to-order1

First recorded in 1905–10
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Idioms and Phrases

Also, built to order . Very suitable, as in Her new assignment was built to order for her . In its literal use, this idiom refers to an item fashioned according to particular instructions. [Mid-1900s]
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Example Sentences

Therefore, he started hiring vendors like a “papusa lady” and a pizza guy to come and cook up made-to-order snacks.

[T]he way the Republicans are looking at it is that they think that Hispanic immigrants are made-to-order conservatives.

Others were derided by their contemporaries, as we deride the made-to-order coat of arms of some nineteenth century upstart.

This is a most interesting example of a made-to-order witch pamphlet.

But of course the truth about our made-to-order mob could not be kept very long.

Therefore the company does not include a horse in the preliminary equipment of a "made-to-order" farm.

They really fitted him,—it was his first made-to-order suit,—and he seemed slimmer and better modelled.


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