[ mad-ruh-leyn-yoh; Spanish mah-three-le-nyaw ]
/ ˌmæd rəˈleɪn yoʊ; Spanish ˌmɑ ðriˈlɛ nyɔ /

noun, plural Ma·dri·le·nos [mad-ruh-leyn-yohz; Spanish mah-three-le-nyaws] /ˌmæd rəˈleɪn yoʊz; Spanish ˌmɑ ðriˈlɛ nyɔs/. (sometimes lowercase)

a native or inhabitant of Madrid, Spain.

Origin of Madrileño

1825–35; < Spanish madrileño, perhaps by dissimilation (d—d > d—l) from *madrideño, equivalent to Madrid Madrid + -eño suffix of appurtenance (< Latin -ignus, -egnus, apparently extracted from adjectives formed with -n- in which g was part of the root, e.g., larignus of larch, salignus of willow) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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