[ muh-droh-nuh ]

  1. any of several evergreen trees belonging to the genus Arbutus, of the heath family, especially A. menziesii(Pacific madrone ) of western North America, having red, flaky bark and bearing edible reddish berries.

  2. the pale reddish-brown wood of this tree.

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Origin of madrone

An Americanism dating back to 1835–45; from Latin American Spanish (Panama, Colombia), Spanish madroño “strawberry tree,” Mozarabic maṭroño; further origin uncertain
  • Also ma·dro·na, ma·dro·ño [muh-drohn-yoh], /məˈdroʊn yoʊ/, ma·dro·ña [muh-drohn-yuh]. /məˈdroʊn yə/.

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How to use madrone in a sentence

  • They draw the more terrestrially inclined, too, such as Shaun Salamida and his wife, Amy, who moved to San Juan Island and started madrone Cellars & Cider.

  • Gaunt pines clothed its rocky slope, intermingled with clumps of chaparral and the glossy-leaved madrone bushes.

  • In front was a precipitous cliff studded with dwarf madrone trees and the twisted manzanita.

    The Rest Hollow Mystery | Rebecca N. Porter
  • The madrone, richly leaved like the laurel, reflects the sunlight from a bole glistening as though freshly carved from wet gold.

    The Native Son | Inez Haynes Irwin
  • She had said that "Anne wath mad wiv her, and that Alix--" she managed to lisp the name, "wath up in the madrone!"

    Sisters | Kathleen Norris