Mae West


an inflatable yellow or orange life jacket for emergency use, especially by sailors or by airplane pilots in flights over water.

Origin of Mae West

1935–40; after Mae West, full-bosomed U.S. comic actress

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[ west ]
/ wɛst /


Benjamin,1738–1820, U.S. painter, in England after 1763.
Jerome AlanJerry, born 1938, U.S. basketball player, coach, and executive.
Mae,1892?–1980, U.S. actress.
NathanaelNathan Wallenstein Weinstein, 1902?–40, U.S. novelist.
Paul,born 1930, U.S. poet, essayist, and novelist, born in England.
Dame RebeccaCicily Isabel Fairfield Andrews, 1892–1983, English novelist, journalist, and critic, born in Ireland.

Related forms

an·ti-West, adjectivepro-West, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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mae west

/ (meɪ) /


slang an inflatable life jacket, esp as issued to the US armed forces for emergency use

Word Origin for mae west

C20: after Mae West, 1892–1980, American actress, renowned for her generous bust

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/ (wɛst) /



situated in, moving towards, or facing the west
(esp of the wind) from the west


Symbol: W

Word Origin for west

Old English; related to Old Norse vestr, Sanskrit avástāt, Latin vesper evening, Greek hésperos

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/ (wɛst) /

noun the West

the western part of the world contrasted historically and culturally with the East or Orient; the Occident
(formerly) the non-Communist countries of Europe and America contrasted with the Communist states of the EastCompare East (def. 2)
(in the US)
  1. that part of the US lying approximately to the west of the Mississippi
  2. (during the Colonial period) the region outside the 13 colonies, lying mainly to the west of the Alleghenies
(in the ancient and medieval world) the Western Roman Empire and, later, the Holy Roman Empire


  1. of or denoting the western part of a specified country, area, etc
  2. (as part of a name)the West Coast

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/ (wɛst) /


Benjamin. 1738–1820, US painter, in England from 1763
Kanye, born 1977, US rap singer and producer; his albums include The College Dropout (2004) and Graduation (2007)
Mae. 1892–1980, US film actress
Nathanael, real name Nathan Weinstein. 1903–40, US novelist: author of Miss Lonely-Hearts (1933) and The Day of the Locust (1939)
Dame Rebecca, real name Cicily Isabel Andrews (née Fairfield). 1892–1983, British journalist, novelist, and critic
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see go west.

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