[ mee-see-nuhs, mahy- ]

  1. Gaius Cil·ni·us [sil-nee-uhs], /ˈsɪl ni əs/, c70–8 b.c., Roman statesman: friend and patron of Horace and Vergil.

  2. a generous patron or supporter, especially of art, music, or literature.

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How to use Maecenas in a sentence

  • O learned Maecenas, if you believe old Gratinus, no verses which are written by water-drinkers can please, or be long-lived.

British Dictionary definitions for Maecenas


/ (miːˈsiːnæs) /

  1. Gaius (ˈɡaɪəs). ?70–8 bc, Roman statesman; adviser to Augustus and patron of Horace and Virgil

  2. a wealthy patron of the arts

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