[ muhg-uh-duh, mah-guh- ]

  1. an ancient kingdom of NE India, in present-day W central Bihar state, S of the Ganges: flourished between the 8th and 6th century b.c.

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How to use Magadha in a sentence

  • This is mighty Jarasandha, come from far Magadha's land, These are other princely suitors, sister!

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • He advances to Mathura, occupies the empty town, proclaims his authority and returns to Magadha.

  • I have already had occasion to mention how Magadha came to receive its modern name of Behar55.

  • His sojourn here will make the kingdom of Magadha more famous than conquests and victories.

    The Buddha | Paul Carus
  • Seven days he spends alone beneath the shade of a mango grove, and then fares onward to Rajogriha, the capital of Magadha.