[ mag-duh-leen, -luhn, mag-duh-lee-nee ]


  1. (lowercase) a reformed prostitute.
  2. Also Mag·da·len [] a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “woman of Magdala.”


/ ˈmæɡdəˌliːn; ˌmæɡdəˈliːnɪ /

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Example Sentences

Me & Dog is off to a promising start and Mary Magdalene has some canine companionship.

In Steve, she plays Mary Magdalene Horowitz, an excitable loser who spends her days confiding in her only friend—a pet hamster.

They had patrons: wealthier, more powerful individuals (like Mary Magdalene) who supported them financially.

A New Magdalene No other performer has owned or defined Mary Magdalene in this show the way Yvonne Elliman did.

Mary Magdalene's second career as a persuasive preacher gave me courage.

The first subject chosen by her for a picture was the "Portal of the Church of the Magdalene."

Each time I know one it makes me understand the scientific phenomenon of Mary Magdalene.

Then we glide past the buildings of Magdalene College, which of late years have been opened to the river.

The disciples considered her (Mary Magdalene's) words idle tales, and believed them not.

Can anyone imagine the seven-devilled Mary Magdalene conversing in this way?


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