[ mag-ee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Margaret.


/ ˈmæɡɪ /


  1. slang.
    a magpie

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Example Sentences

As we got stronger, so did our friendship—particularly given our nonstop trail talks about everything from the latest scoop on the royal family to our budding creative projects to analyzing Maggie’s new Tinder connection.

My hiking companion, Maggie, and I had just climbed Hunter for the first time.

Occasionally I’ve felt guilty about bailing on my life for my once-a-winter ski trip with Maggie.

Maggie and I cannot physically shred pow this winter, but it’s almost as fun to plan our next ski trip.

Yeah, I mean, as far as Maggie goes, her reducing a church to just “four walls and a roof” says a lot about the character.

Another one of those meaty roles is that of Maggie Swann, the woman at the heart of Fort Bliss.

And that leads to a handful of blow-out, brutally honest, hard-to-watch fights between Maggie and Milo.

Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie have all been accidental political players in their nearly three decades on the air.

Maggie & Lydia, hang in there... the IV Doc is on the way!

Maggie looked doubtful—as much as she ever did when my mind was set on a thing, when I spoke of bringing him here.

All thinking and managing fell to my Maggie's share, and I had as little care on my hands as one of my own boys—poor fellows.

We live on the top floor, said Maggie, volunteering her first remark since starting homeward.

Maggie gave a funny, bobbing little courtesy as the older girls went out.

I was spoiled as a boy, and my Maggie carried on the spoiling, by never letting me feel its effects.