magic carpet

  1. (in fairy stories) a carpet capable of transporting people through the air

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How to use magic carpet in a sentence

  • Killigrew had his magic carpet, and he spread it out and stood on it as he and Mrs. Killigrew viewed the pair out on the terrace.

    The Voice in the Fog | Harold MacGrath
  • Then she took him by the hand, and they sat down on a magic carpet, and flew back to Ivan-the-King's-Son's house.

    The Blue Rose Fairy Book | Maurice Baring
  • Nancy was tracing a series of geometrical patterns upon the magic carpet with a bit of stick.

    Tutors' Lane | Wilmarth Lewis
  • He had come nearer her, and although he had brought both feet upon the magic carpet, they remained stationary.

    Tutors' Lane | Wilmarth Lewis
  • Lionel, however, was full of excitement, and eager to be off again for a ride on the marvellous magic carpet.

    The Mysterious Shin Shira | George Edward Farrow