magic wand


  1. a thin rod brandished by a conjuror in peforming magic tricks
  2. any seemingly magical solution to a difficult problem

    there is no magic wand for us to fix it

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Example Sentences

Well, I am sure Hillary understands better than anyone that there is no magic wand.

There are a lot of people who want to wave a magic wand and make all that stuff go away,” said “Still4Hill.

A French wizard discovers his newfound sexuality vis-à-vis a magic wand that happens to be attached to him.

None of this guarantees success; hope is not a magic wand; the Keystone pipeline may well still be approved.

But the CIA is not a magic wand, as presidents keep discovering to their dismay.

To the wold I have been, and to the humid grove, a magic wand to get.

Once more a common monetary standard prevailed, and commerce revived as if touched by a magic wand.

In one hand Cambina carried a magic wand with two serpents twisted round it.

Then the country, as if touched by the magic wand of some powerful enchanter, became all at once transformed.

It is so much easier to live in regions where everything comes at the magic wand of fancy.





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