[ muh-hah-bahr-uh-tuh ]
/ məˈhɑˈbɑr ə tə /


an epic poem of India dealing mainly with the conflict between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, with many digressions: includes the Bhagavad-Gita.
Also Ma·ha·bha·ra·tum [muh-hah-bahr-uh-tuh m] /məˈhɑˈbɑr ə təm/.

Origin of Mahabharata

< Sanskrit mahābhārata great (mahat) work relating the story of the descendants of Bharata Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Mahabharatam or Mahabharatum (məˌhɑːˈbɑːrətəm)

/ (məˌhɑːˈbɑːrətə) /


an epic Sanskrit poem of India, dealing chiefly with the struggle between two rival families. It contains many separate episodes, the most notable of which is the Bhagavad-Gita

Word Origin for Mahabharata

Sanskrit, from mahā great + bhārata story
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