maid of honour

  1. US and Canadian the principal unmarried attendant of a bride: Compare bridesmaid, matron of honour

  2. British a small tart with an almond-flavoured filling

  1. an unmarried lady attending a queen or princess

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How to use maid of honour in a sentence

  • Then it was that the something came into her eyes which the maid-of-honour had described as the appearance of one seeing ghosts.

    The Tempering | Charles Neville Buck
  • That Charles was more infatuated even with the wife than with the maid-of-honour is incontestable.

  • Will it please you that I call your maid-of-honour, or summon the gentleman outside?

  • The lady in question was Mary Brydges, a maid-of-honour and celebrated beauty.

  • Hester stood for some time in her maid-of-honour attitude and contemplated the conversation.

    Hester, Volume 2 (of 3) | Margaret Oliphant