[ meyl-room, -room ]


  1. Also mail room. a room used for handling incoming and outgoing mail, as in a large organization.


  1. of or relating to a mailroom:

    mailroom employees.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mailroom1

First recorded in 1880–85; mail 1 + room

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Example Sentences

Rather than rising through the ranks as a sales executive or finance director, Hankins paid his dues in digital marketing and social media, living out a 21st century version of the classic mailroom origin story.

It took a little while to get through the early days from the mailroom to a desk.

From Time

Maricopa County goes “above and beyond,” Gilbertson said, providing 24-hour access to cameras for its ballot tabulation center, mailroom, signature verification room and ballot-processing area.

People like David Geffen who worked their way up from the mailroom are increasingly rare.

I now regret that I did not request a couple of burly fellows from the mailroom to remove the woman from the premises.

During the winter I worked as a security guard, I sorted mail in a mailroom, and I catalogued music in a library.

Then around noon, a second letter was delivered to the central mailroom on campus, causing another flurry of anxiety.

He talks as respectfully with the mailroom clerk as with the editor of the Culture desk.

What instructions does the White House mailroom have as to mail that is to be sent to you?