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major league


[ mey-jer leeg ]


  1. Baseball. either of the two top-tier baseball leagues (the American League and the National League ) that are organized under and regulated by MLB.
  2. Sports. a league of corresponding stature in certain other sports, such as ice hockey, soccer, football, or basketball.



[ mey-jer-leeg ]


  1. Sports. of or relating to the major leagues, especially in baseball.
  2. Informal. belonging to or among the best or most important of its kind:

    a major-league orchestra.

major league


  1. a league of highest classification in baseball, football, hockey, etc
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Other Words From

  • ma·jor lea·guer ma·jor-lea·guer noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of major league1

An Americanism dating back to 1880–85

Origin of major league2

An Americanism dating back to 1905–10; adjective use of major league ( def )
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Example Sentences

His point of reference was his father, a longtime major league reliever.

This offseason, the Washington Nationals have signed one free agent reliever to a major league contract.

If his career had run its full course in the major leagues, Paige would have held every record there was.

That year, Johnson became a regular with the Marlins and instantly made his presence known at the major league level.

He made 39 starts, collected 29 hits and, for a few months, was a major league regular.

The end of the embargo and resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba could transform Major League Baseball.

Major League Baseball, though, is still being tight-lipped about what the end of the embargo might mean for the sport.

But the Playboy Playmate and hardcore animal-rights activist has long been a major-league advocate for the State of Israel.

The New York Yankees shortstop played his final Major League Baseball game Sunday in Boston.

George and his brother Richard are the founders of Major League Eating, but George is the performative half of the duo.

I aspired to a place in the box of one of the major league clubs, but instead I joined the Madero revolution.

"I'm glad I'm going to a major league—that is, if they draft me," he added quickly.

Still, Ive got to remember that Im not playing in a major league.

Life in the training camp of a major league team was different than Joe had found it with the Pittstons.

Many a major league player had graduated from this same Central, and Joe—well, to put it modestly—had great hopes.


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