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make sure

  1. Make certain, establish something without doubt, as in Make sure all the doors are locked . It is also put as make sure of , as in Before you make that speech, make sure of your facts . This usage was first recorded in 1565.

  2. make sure of . Act so as to be certain of something, as in He wanted to make sure of his own district before seeking support elsewhere . This usage was first recorded in 1673.

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Example Sentences

And it must make sure that the platform of debate where we can freely exchange ideas is safe and sound.

Our duty is to make sure that they realize that the Prophet is not avenged.

“He has to really stay on the down low, he has to make sure that he blends in,” Ney told the Beast.

What could be more important, to make sure that side of things is right before we tie ourselves to someone forever?

Ancient Romans exchanged gifts of figs and honey and would make sure to work part of the day as a good omen for the coming year.

Then she would turn him over on his back and paddle his stomach with a ladle to make sure that he was well filled!

"Nearer and nearer came the footsteps," read Luther, pausing at each word to make sure of it.

"I never had a letter in my life but I turned it over to make sure," observed the more careful barrister.

He is actually climbing the roof, to make sure every old, worn-out shingle is replaced by a new one.

To make sure of his game he had likewise ceiled the upper room all around, including the enclosure of the stairs.





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