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make way

  1. Allow room for passage, move aside, as in Please make way for the wheelchair . This expression was first recorded about 1200.

  2. Progress, advance, as in Is this enterprise making way? [Late 1500s] For a synonym, see make headway .

  3. Also, make way for . Leave room for a successor or substitute, as in It's time he retired and made way for some younger professor . [Mid-1700s]

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Example Sentences

Make way not for ducklings but for relentless darkness: so the operative mantra goes.

A popular beach bar was bulldozed to make way for a dolphin swim attraction.

They claimed they had to kill the four lions this week to make way for…one lion.

The international consultant should make way for the imperial locavore.

Woe to the man that first did teach the cursed steel to bite in his own flesh, and make way to the living spirit.

As soon as they disappear they make way for the "horn worm" who now takes his turn at a "chaw."

The street now presents a rather ragged appearance on account of the buildings that were torn down to make way for it.

She gently drew herself on one side to make way for Mrs Bellingham to pass.

The police are there, pushing and shoving people aside to make way, but they are out-numbered.


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