or whoop·ie

[noun hwoo p-ee, woo p-ee, hwoo-pee, woo-; interjection hwoo p-ee, woo p-ee, hwoo-pee, woo-]Informal.


(used as a shout of exuberant joy.)

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    make whoopee, to engage in uproarious merrymaking.

Origin of whoopee

1875–80, Americanism; whoop + -ee of uncertain origin; cf. yippee

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British Dictionary definitions for make whoopee


interjection (wʊˈpiː)

an exclamation of joy, excitement, etc

noun (ˈwʊpiː)

make whoopee
  1. to engage in noisy merrymaking
  2. to make love
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Idioms and Phrases with make whoopee

make whoopee

see whoop it up.

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