make great strides

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Advance considerably, make good progress, as in He made great strides in his study of Latin. Since its earliest recorded use in 1600, this expression has taken a number of forms—make a wide stride, take strides, make rapid strides. All of them transfer a long walking step to other kinds of progress.

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How to use make great strides in a sentence

  • Mastered by this powerful spirit, Lena actually did make great strides in the next few days.

    Jewel Weed|Alice Ames Winter
  • They walked at a good pace for an hour and a half, and had to make great strides to keep up with the giant Thalcave.

  • Do you not make great strides along the Path, as may be known by your pious conversation?

    Ayesha|H. Rider Haggard