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make love

  1. Have sexual intercourse, as in They'd been making love well before they married . This usage today is the more common of the two. [Mid-1900s]

  2. Court, engage in amorous caressing, as in Romance was in the air, and she hoped he would make love to her . [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

Terrorism is bad news anywhere, but especially rough on Odessa, where the city motto seems to be “make love, not war.”

But in the “Role-Play” episode, he tells her that now they make love, and says, “You have an old idea of who I am.”

It's what the world do—they make love, they party, they have sex.

She then teaches one reserved boy how to make love to the camera.

“We did not make love very often,” Douglas once told her daughter, Margaret.

When he wanted to make love to a woman, pour tout de bon, it would not be to Mrs. Ducksmith.

He makes love to her, just because it is the nature of a lusty son of Adam to make love to a pretty daughter of Eve.

In some provinces of Europe the girls make love, without their afterwards becoming less prudent wives.

Of course, the younger men tinkle the guitar, and make love more or less openly to the girls.

I can gratify your humor with a right good will—only the lady I would make love to despises me.





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