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  1. cosmetics, such as powder, lipstick, etc, applied to the face to improve its appearance
    1. the cosmetics, false hair, etc, used by an actor to highlight his features or adapt his appearance
    2. the art or result of applying such cosmetics
  2. the manner of arrangement of the parts or qualities of someone or something
  3. the arrangement of type matter and illustrations on a page or in a book
  4. mental or physical constitution


  1. tr to form or constitute

    these arguments make up the case for the defence

  2. tr to devise, construct, or compose, sometimes with the intent to deceive

    to make up a song

    to make up an excuse

  3. tr to supply what is lacking or deficient in; complete

    these extra people will make up our total

  4. tr to put in order, arrange, or prepare

    to make up a bed

  5. intrfoll byfor to compensate or atone (for)

    his kindness now makes up for his rudeness yesterday

  6. to settle (differences) amicably (often in the phrase make it up )
  7. to apply cosmetics to (the face) to enhance one's appearance or so as to alter the appearance for a theatrical role
  8. to assemble (type and illustrations) into (columns or pages)
  9. tr to surface (a road) with asphalt, concrete, etc
  10. tr
    1. to set in order and balance (accounts)
    2. to draw up (accounting statements)
  11. make up one's mind
    make up one's mind to decide (about something or to do something)

    he made up his mind to take vengeance

  12. make up to informal.
    make up to
    1. to make friendly overtures to
    2. to flirt with

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Example Sentences

As of 2013, Jews make up 1.8 to 2.2 percent of the adult U.S. population.

Still, they make up the largest block of holiday shoppers and are the key to retail success or failure.

However, the enormous benefits that low-skilled immigrants provide more than make up for that relatively small cost.

Her make-up includes two tattoo-like designs on both temples.

The smog will return quickly as factories try to double their production to make up for lost time.

So she did ask, though it was a great ordeal to make up her mind to do it; and they gave my mother a thousand francs.

She loved him now; and she had promised to make up for the long grey years of the past by marrying him almost at once.

All these different objects fully make up for whatever amount of dirtiness may occasionally be met with.

All that I can now say is, to desire that Trevithick will make up his mind to return to Cornwall immediately.

But we can hire the old hall, and all the men will be glad to subscribe—a few of us can make up the deficit.


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