[ mey-king ]
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  1. the act of a person or thing that makes: The making of a violin requires great skill.

  2. structure; constitution; makeup.

  1. the means or cause of success or advancement: to be the making of someone.

  2. Usually makings. capacity or potential: He has the makings of a first-rate officer.

  3. makings,

    • material of which something may be made: the makings for a tossed salad.

    • Older Slang. paper and tobacco with which to make a hand-rolled cigarette.

  4. something made.

  5. the quantity made: a making of butter.

Idioms about making

  1. in the making, in the process of being made; developing or evolving; growing: Our space scientists see history in the making.

Origin of making

First recorded before 1150; Middle English; Old English macung; make1 + -ing1

Other words from making

  • self-making, adjective

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How to use making in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for making


/ (ˈmeɪkɪŋ) /

    • the act of a person or thing that makes or the process of being made

    • (in combination): watchmaking

  1. be the making of to cause the success of

  1. in the making in the process of becoming or being made: a politician in the making

  2. something made or the quantity of something made at one time

  3. make-up; composition

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