malic acid

noun Chemistry.

a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C4H6O5, occurring in apples and other fruits and as an intermediate in animal metabolism.

Origin of malic acid

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British Dictionary definitions for malic acid

malic acid


a colourless crystalline compound occurring in apples and other fruits. Formula: HOOCCH 2 CH(OH)COOH

Word Origin for malic acid

C18 malic, via French malique from Latin mālum apple
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malic acid in Medicine

malic acid

[mălĭk, mālĭk]


A colorless crystalline intermediate in the Krebs cycle that occurs naturally in a variety of unripe fruit and is used as a flavoring and in the aging of wine.
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malic acid in Science

malic acid

[mălĭk, mālĭk]

A colorless, crystalline compound that occurs naturally in a wide variety of unripe fruits, including apples, cherries, and tomatoes, and is an intermediate product of the Krebs cycle. It is used as a flavoring and in the aging of wine. Also called malate. Chemical formula: C4H6O5.
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