[ mal-uh-seet ]

nounplural Ma·li·seets, (especially collectively) Ma·li·seet for 1.
  1. Also called Wo·las·to·qiy·ik [wuh-luhs-tuh-kwee-ik] /wəˈlʌs tə kwi ɪk/ . a member of an Indigenous people of southern and western New Brunswick and northern Maine.: See Usage note at the current entry.

  2. Also called Wo·las·to·qey [wuh-luhs-tuh-kee] /wəˈlʌs tə ki/ . the Eastern Algonquian language of the Maliseet, mutually intelligible with Passamaquoddy.

  1. Sometimes Offensive.Also Wo·las·to·qi [wuh-luhs-tuh-kee] /wəˈlʌs tə ki/ . of or relating to the Maliseet or their language.

Origin of Maliseet

First recorded in 1740–50; earlier Malecite, from French Malécite, from Mi'kmaq mali⋅sit “he speaks slowly; he speaks unintelligibly”
  • Also Mal·e·cite [mal-uh-sahyt] /ˈmæl əˌsaɪt/ .

usage note For Maliseet

The word Maliseet comes from a Mi’kmaq word meaning “he speaks slowly; he speaks unintelligibly.” Because of this word origin, and because Maliseet is not this people's own name for themselves, the term is sometimes considered offensive. The group's self-designation is Wolastoqiyik, and their language is called Wolastoqey.

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How to use Maliseet in a sentence

  • With that end in view he proceeded to Quebec and returned with a supply of powder, lead and ball for his Maliseet warriors.

    Glimpses of the Past | W. O. Raymond

British Dictionary definitions for Maliseet


/ (ˈmælɪˌsiːt) /

  1. a member of a Native Canadian people of New Brunswick and E Quebec

  2. the Algonquian language of this people

Origin of Maliseet

from Micmac malisiit one speaking an incomprehensible language

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