[ mal-uhn ]

  1. Mary "Typhoid Mary", 1869?–1938, U.S. cook, born in Ireland: known immune carrier of typhoid fever who infected many with the disease, institutionalized in 1914.

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How to use Mallon in a sentence

  • You see, I like to ask questions, and Mr. Mallon always gave me the straight answer.

  • Ar' oun d pepeismetha tn ontn hekast dynamin tin' hyparchein, h tn oikeian helkei poiotta, to men Mallon, to d' htton?

  • Pg 70Greek text iss phsousin hoi ap' Asklpiadou, Mallon d' ouk iss, alla pants apistein erousin, hina m prodsi ta philtata.

  • Mr. Mallon's work was so good, indeed, that I personally assigned him to tasks of peculiar difficulty.

    Recollections of a Varied Life | George Cary Eggleston
  • The men looked at each other, then the big one said: "I'm sure you did the best you could, Dr. Mallon."

    Suite Mentale | Gordon Randall Garrett