[ mahl-pee-gee ]

  1. Mar·cel·lo [mahr-chel-law], /mɑrˈtʃɛl lɔ/, 1628–94, Italian anatomist.

Other words from Malpighi

  • Mal·pigh·i·an [mal-pig-ee-uhn], /mælˈpɪg i ən/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for Malpighi


/ (Italian malˈpiːɡi) /

  1. Marcello (marˈtʃɛllo). 1628–94, Italian physiologist. A pioneer in microscopic anatomy, he identified the capillary system (1661)

Derived forms of Malpighi

  • Malpighian (mælˈpɪɡɪən), adjective

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Scientific definitions for Malpighi


[ măl-pē ]

  1. Italian anatomist who was the first to use a microscope in the study of anatomy. He discovered the capillary system, extending the work of William Harvey. He is also noted for his studies of the structure of the lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, skin, brain, and spinal cord.

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