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[mal-thoo-zhuh n, -zee-uh n]
  1. of or relating to the theories of T. R. Malthus, which state that population tends to increase faster, at a geometrical ratio, than the means of subsistence, which increases at an arithmetical ratio, and that this will result in an inadequate supply of the goods supporting life unless war, famine, or disease reduces the population or the increase of population is checked.
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  1. a follower of Malthus.
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Origin of Malthusian

First recorded in 1805–15; Malthus + -ian
Related formsMal·thu·sian·ism, nounan·ti-Mal·thu·si·an, adjective, nounan·ti-Mal·thu·si·an·ism, nounnon-Mal·thu·si·an, adjective, noun
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Historical Examples of malthusianism

  • This is a brutish Malthusianism which must be adamantly countered.


    Christopher Morley

  • Whatever sins Labrador has been guilty of, Malthusianism is not in the category.

    A Labrador Doctor

    Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

  • Eugenics, it cannot be too often said, is no mere phase of Malthusianism.

  • Here we behold Malthusianism as a new weapon for combatting Socialism.

  • I am no believer in Malthusianism as a check to what is called 'over-population.'

    The Drunkard

    Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull

British Dictionary definitions for malthusianism


  1. of or relating to the theory of Malthus stating that increases in population tend to exceed increases in the means of subsistence and that therefore sexual restraint should be exercised
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  1. a supporter of this theory
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Derived FormsMalthusianism, noun
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Word Origin and History for malthusianism



1812, from the teachings of English economist Thomas R. Malthus (1766-1835), especially with regard to population increase. As an adjective by 1818. Related: Malthusianism.

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malthusianism in Culture


[(mal-thooh-zhuh-niz-uhm, mal-thooh-zee-uh-niz-uhm)]

A pessimistic viewpoint on population and world resources, based on the doctrines of Thomas Malthus. Malthusianism holds that population tends to increase faster than the supply of food, thus preventing the steady progress of mankind. Malthus advocated premarital chastity, late marriage, and sexual abstinence as partial solutions.

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