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  1. A class of vertebrates characterized by the production of milk by the females and in most cases, by a hairy body covering. Most mammals give live birth to their young. Human beings are mammals.

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Example Sentences

Japan is throwing its annual whale week again to celebrate its dubious commercial hunting of the endangered mammals.

The Japanese will have to give up whaling “research” that killed many hundreds of the huge sea mammals each year.

Wasps, birds, rodents, small mammals, and snakes will all dine on the Magicicadas of Brood II.

In his scheme, the limbic system evolved alongside the developing social complexity of the mammals.

But which mammals are their closest relatives, and when did whales enter the seas?

Its most probable explanation is that it appears as a passing survival of the first permanent coat of hair of the lower mammals.

The same peculiarity exists in the larger anthropoid apes and in some of the gibbons, but is not found in the lower mammals.

Among the carnivorous mammals the social dog or wolf tribe displays the intelligent habit of mutual aid.

In mammals the head rotates more easily, but valuable time is lost in the rotation of the whole body.

Of marine mammals the most characteristic are the sea-lion, fur-seal, sea-otter and harbour-seal.


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