or man-size

[ man-sahyzd ]

  1. large; big; generous: a man-sized sandwich.

  2. formidable: a man-sized undertaking.

Origin of man-sized

First recorded in 1910–15

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How to use man-sized in a sentence

  • There was a sound of giggling and scuffling, the door opened and two enormous, man-sized cocks entered the room.

  • For when the boy raised his feet with each stride, the man-sized, hob-nailed boots which encased them failed to lift in turn.

  • He took a man-sized slug of the fiery stuff without even wiping off the pitcher's rim.

    Problem on Balak | Roger D. Aycock
  • But maybe just for the sake of makin' talk you'd better tell how you know you can swing such a man-sized contract.

    Destiny | Charles Neville Buck
  • As he dished out man-sized helpings of ham and eggs, the cook kept a wary eye on Exman.

British Dictionary definitions for man-sized


  1. of a size appropriate for or convenient for a man

  2. informal big; large

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