[ man-uh-kin ]

  1. any of several small, songless passerine birds of the family Pipridae, of the warmer parts of the Americas, usually having brilliantly colored plumage.

Origin of manakin

Variant of manikin

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How to use manakin in a sentence

  • The curious black umbrella-bird is entirely confined to it, as is also the little bristle-tailed manakin.

    The Western World | W.H.G. Kingston
  • When I encounter one of these people some fine day in a hotel, I act like the birds, who see a manakin in a field.

  • The miller was so frightened that this time he let him go; but, in a few minutes, the manakin returned again with his cappie.

    Folk Lore | James Napier
  • manakin, man′a-kin, n. a small tropical American piproid bird: a variant form of manikin.

  • I stood with a tanager in one hand, a lovely manakin in the other, thinking.

    Nat the Naturalist | G. Manville Fenn

British Dictionary definitions for manakin


/ (ˈmænəkɪn) /

  1. any small South American passerine bird of the family Pipridae, having a colourful plumage, short bill, and elaborate courtship behaviour

  2. a variant of manikin

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