[ man-han-dl, man-han-dl ]
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verb (used with object),man·han·dled, man·han·dling.
  1. to handle roughly.

  2. to move by human strength, without the use of mechanical appliances.

Origin of manhandle

1425–75; late Middle English. See man, handle

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How to use manhandle in a sentence

  • Then I shall manhandle you, truss you up like a fowl in the tonneau of your car, and gag you.

    The Valley of the Giants | Peter B. Kyne
  • But it never pays to manhandle that particular brand of tippler.

    Parrot & Co. | Harold MacGrath
  • You're going to open your mouth and tell me what you mean, if I have to manhandle you.

    The Brand of Silence | Harrington Strong
  • You can manhandle me, but you can't make me turn against Sidney Prale.

    The Brand of Silence | Harrington Strong

British Dictionary definitions for manhandle


/ (ˈmænˌhændəl, ˌmænˈhændəl) /

  1. to handle or push (someone) about roughly

  2. to move or do by manpower rather than by machinery

Origin of manhandle

C19: from man + handle; sense 1 perhaps also influenced by Devon dialect manangle to mangle

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