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[ muh-nip-yuh-ley-ter ]


  1. a person who manipulates.
  2. a mechanical device for the remote handling of objects or materials in conditions not permitting the immediate presence of workers.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of manipulator1

First recorded in 1850–55; manipulate + -or 2

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Example Sentences

When Skeet compares him to that master manipulator Willy Wonka, it’s not exactly a compliment.

From Time

At present robots struggle with tasks that require a high degree of dexterity, but giving them more human-like manipulators could help automate some of these tasks.

These viruses were already known to be master manipulators, says Lorena Passarelli.

So, she as an incredibly sharp and cynical manipulator knew that she had putty in her hands, and she could really mold and play with, but I think it came out of a place of love.

From Time

Attaching a range of molecules to these “dead Cas” enzymes has yielded an entire toolbox worth of DNA and RNA manipulators.

In the end, she made a choice independent of either manipulator: She died to free Noah.

But the master manipulator of mise-en-scène is back to what he does best in his fifth feature.

Wilkinson: Her character is such a powerful manipulator and has such wild mood swings.

This character is both mentor and manipulator, which makes him complicated—and interesting.

For Museveni, a master political manipulator, it serves an important political function.

How many imitators of the great manipulator have looked at this growth of pine and wondered where the old master obtained it!

This visionary was in reality a philosopher, that is to say, an experimenter and a manipulator of general ideas.

Need you be surprised then, that a sleight-of-hand man, a manipulator of goblets, requires accomplices?

Then she got efficient again and waved Thorndyke aside to see to the little straps on the manipulator herself.

The little manipulator was working my second finger joint up and down rhythmically, and with each move came pain.


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