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[ mand ]


  1. carrying or operated by one or more persons; crewed:

    a manned spacecraft.

  2. Falconry. (of a hawk) trained for hunting and accustomed to working with a human handler.


/ mænd /


  1. supplied or equipped with men, esp soldiers
  2. (of spacecraft, aircraft, etc) having a human crew
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  • well-manned adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of manned1

First recorded in 1610–20; man ( def ) + -ed 2( def )
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Example Sentences

Once in the sky, the promise is that it will “provide significant performance for sensor extension missions for manned jet aircraft,” according to Kratos.

Just two months after celebrating its first manned launch to orbit – which is now under investigation with the Federal Aviation Administration – Virgin Galactic wants to return to space.

However, Rheinmetall notes in a release that “If necessary, this robust, tried-and-tested mechanical platform can operate in manned configuration, with an integrated joystick and emergency seat.”

Last month, he pledged to mark the 100-year anniversary of modern Turkey’s founding with a space mission that culminates in “first contact with the moon” followed later by a manned mission.

From Time

The first manned Soyuz mission was planned for April 1967, when Soyuz 1 would rendezvous with Soyuz 2 in orbit before returning to Earth.

From Ozy

Dora is seen getting dressed as a mermaid by a cursor being manned by some omniscient game player.

Unlike manned aircraft, drones are not nearly as good at identifying or tracking targets in dynamic environments.

In the Horn of Africa, the U.S. military has long eschewed the use of drones in favor of manned aircraft for operational reasons.

Those flights are being carried out by drones and manned fighters, U.S. Navy and Air Force aircraft alike.

Manned, unmanned, a balloon, a kite—you still have to get the information into the hands of the firefighters.

I do not know whether they can be manned, but everything is being prepared for any emergency that may arise.

Desperate engagement between an Algerine cruiser of 18 guns, well manned, and a Corsican frigate of 26 nine and twelve pounders.

Fresh gangs manned the sweeps and the riders on the eastern bank eased their pace to a walk.

Five of the crew manned the winch; the mate and Jerry went to a block-tackle which was also connected with the lifting apparatus.

The captain's white gig having been manned, he seated himself in the stern sheets, a large flag trailing in the water behind him.





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