mano a mano

[ Spanish mah-naw ah mah-naw; English mah-nohuh-mah-noh ]

noun,plural ma·nos a ma·nos [Spanish mah-naws ah mah-naws; English mah-nohuh-mah-nohz, mah-nohzuh-mah-nohz] /Spanish ˈmɑ nɔs ɑ ˈmɑ nɔs; English ˈmɑ noʊ ə ˈmɑ noʊz, ˈmɑ noʊz ə ˈmɑ noʊz/ for 1, 2.
  1. (italics)Spanish. a corrida in which two matadors alternate in fighting two or three bulls each.

  2. a direct confrontation or conflict; head-on competition; duel.

  1. being or resembling such a confrontation: a mano a mano struggle in the courtroom between two superb criminal lawyers.

  1. in direct competition or rivalry: a brash newcomer in tennis taking on the reigning champion mano a mano.

Origin of mano a mano

<Spanish: on an equal footing, without advantage (to either of two contestants); literally, hand to hand

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