[ man-zuh-nee-tuh ]

  1. any of several western North American shrubs or small trees belonging to the genus Arctostaphylos, of the heath family, having leathery leaves and clusters of white to pink flowers.

  2. the fruit of one of these shrubs.

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Origin of manzanita

1840–50, Americanism;<Spanish, diminutive of manzana apple; see manchineel

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How to use manzanita in a sentence

  • The manzanita is another pretty bush, with pink bells that ripen to small scarlet apples in the fall.

    Stories of California | Ella M. Sexton
  • The slope inclined at a steep angle and was one long slide of bits of yellow stone with many bunches of scrub oak and manzanita.

  • The hollows of this exceedingly rough country were thick with pine and oak, the ridges covered with cedar, juniper, and manzanita.

  • All the way down the rocky trail the bunch grass and wild oak and manzanita were so thick that I had to crush my way through.