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map out


  1. tr, adverb to plan or design

    to map out a route

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Example Sentences

He or she can work with you to map out an individualized plan, which may entail taking the hormone melatonin.

How did you map out what Eric and Jen would say and discover and where, with relation to the text of Ship of Theseus?

I tend to work with alternating points of view, so I then begin to map out how the plotlines will work together.

I essentially used such a tree to map out the different plotlines for my novel-in-progress.

Do you like to map out your books ahead of time or just let it flow?

There was no need now to map out a course of action; he had limned that in the main before leaving Newport.

An Outline of History cannot map out campaigns; but of the new quality that had come into war, it is bound to take note.

While I waited for my chop I had the map out again, studying it as a schoolboy does a paper-backed novel behind his geography.

This was characteristic of him, to map out a plan of campaign as he went along, as fast as he drew breath for the rushing words.

If we could map out the field we should see great masses of lines sweeping through our public libraries.