map out

  1. (tr, adverb) to plan or design: to map out a route

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How to use map out in a sentence

  • There was no need now to map out a course of action; he had limned that in the main before leaving Newport.

  • An Outline of History cannot map out campaigns; but of the new quality that had come into war, it is bound to take note.

  • While I waited for my chop I had the map out again, studying it as a schoolboy does a paper-backed novel behind his geography.

    The Pirate of Panama | William MacLeod Raine
  • This was characteristic of him, to map out a plan of campaign as he went along, as fast as he drew breath for the rushing words.

    A Soldier of the Legion | C. N. Williamson
  • If we could map out the field we should see great masses of lines sweeping through our public libraries.

    A Librarian's Open Shelf | Arthur E. Bostwick