[ mah-kee ]

  1. an evergreen shrub, Aristotelia chilensis, of Chile, having toothed, oblong leaves, greenish-white flowers, and purple berries, grown as an ornamental in S California.

Origin of maqui

1695–1705; <Spanish <Araucanian

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How to use maqui in a sentence

  • Loncon grew up in a community of subsistence farmers in the province of Araucanía and recalls cultivating the land and going to get native fruits—such as dark purple maqui berries and small banana-like chupones—from a nearby mountain.

  • There is a sort of scrub called maqui which covers parts especially of Corsica and other Mediterranean countries.

    The Romance of Plant Life | G. F. Scott Elliot
  • Djenan-el-maqui proved to be suited to the needs of Charmian and Claude, and it charmed them both by its strangeness and beauty.

    The Way of Ambition | Robert Hichens
  • At five o'clock that day the peace of Djenan-el-maqui was broken by the sound of animated voices in the courtyard.

    The Way of Ambition | Robert Hichens
  • If the opera were finished, the need for living in Mustapha removed, would she be glad not to return to Djenan-el-maqui?

    The Way of Ambition | Robert Hichens
  • I'd think of Djenan-el-maqui, and wish I was a composer instead of a singer—for a fifth of a minute.

    The Way of Ambition | Robert Hichens