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/ ˈmɑːbəlz /


  1. functioning as singular a game in which marbles are rolled at one another, similar to bowls
  2. informal.
    functioning as plural wits

    to lose one's marbles

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Example Sentences

Geoffrey Robertson and Amal Clooney helped Greece fight for the return of the Elgin Marbles.

In London it is located in the Duveen Gallery where half the extant marbles sit under white light as if in a morgue.

Pat Robertson has lost his marbles, seemingly, and after him, who?

Either way, the Internet lost its collective marbles over it.

In the photo, Baldwin is staring longingly into the camera, his eyes like two giant marbles, his chin resting in his hand.

On a Sunday, a lady called to her little boy, who was tossing marbles on the side walk, to come in the house.

The Roman republic established and the first consuls elected, according to the Capitoline marbles.

Now Suzanne is far away from the Louvre and the old Greek marbles; she is in the kingdom of the birds and the flowers.

For in my opinion it was no more damaged for defence than a brick wall would be by a boy's snapping marbles against it.

A few tried marbles, but there was scarcely light for the purpose, and ring-taw was quickly abandoned.





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