/ marʃ /


  1. a former province of central France

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Example Sentences

This is the third new collection for Pallas, and it is selling in the Bon Marche.

But then comes this, courtesy of novelist Stephen Marche, a reminder of what a market top looks like.

“We have never been more detached from one another, or lonelier,” writer Stephen Marche argued.

Marche, as Marcheline was known, shot it down, thinking it was “too Hebrew.”

It is entitled Homme Qui Ne Marche Pas and attached to one leg is a large white ball and chain.

The Armet, or close helmet, followed the salade, and is mentioned by Oliver de la Marche as early as 1443.

Je lai confie mon chef de musique qui soccupe de vous composer une marche approprie notre musique sur la thme de la vtre.

The ladies planned to return here, and to make a visit to the famous Au Bon Marche, where cheap prices always prevail.

Michelet gives, as his authority, Olivier de la Marche, t. viii.

Believing myself bound by indissoluble ties to M. de la Marche.





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