[ mahr-kuhs ]


  1. Saint. Also died a.d. 336, pope 336.
  2. a male given name.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Marcus1

< Latin Mārcus < *māwortkos pertaining to *Māwort-s Mars
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Example Sentences

The future of the case will depend, in part, on whether a federal court views Marcus as a whistleblower trying to right a wrong, or a corporate lawyer violating his duty to his former employer.

As a result, AT&T is now accusing Marcus of “shocking” legal misconduct and is trying to persuade a federal judge to dismiss a sweeping lawsuit because of it.

Marcus also became concerned about a federal investigation of potential fraud in Indiana.

That way when I got to the Marcus video I realized I was done.

From Eater

In New York City, where Marcus was forced to close her business, Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed a vacancy tax that would tax building owners who leave storefronts empty for longer than six months.

From Fortune

Available at Neiman Marcus Rialto Jeans, $245  These jeans are truly wearable art.

As Dre mulled over how to talk to Andre Jr. (Marcus Scribner) about sex, Pops appeared while his son was stretching.

And as The New York Times reported in May, Marcus Theatres, a chain of movie theaters, has been testing the Spire in Wisconsin.

Put simply, a scientific consensus has yet to emerge, and Marcus ignored the ongoing debate.

Marcus is citing a 2012 study from Duke University researchers published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Marcus and Farringdon's pure badger, two shillings—gilt-edged badger half-a-crown.

Marcus Aurelius was a very useful spring to the vast machine of the Roman Empire.

Of the daughters, Terentia Minor married Marcus and became the mother of two children.

The confusion in this direction is well illustrated by the name of the famous Marcus Junius Brutus.

There were mothers then, as well as in the times of the Gracchi; there were wives as noble as the wife of Marcus Brutus.





MarcosMarcus Aurelius