[ mahr-see ]


  1. Mount, a mountain in NE New York: highest peak of the Adirondack Mountains, 5,344 feet (1,629 meters).
  2. a female given name, form of Marcia.

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Example Sentences

His wife, Marcy, is doing volunteer work overseas, and their three dogs, all stinking, know no bounds.

And yes, that means there was originally a fourth Fugee: Marcy!

Jean tries to imagine what the “formula” would have been like had Marcy stayed with the group.

He also sought to contradict remarks made by his younger brother, Marcy, that pippa found the whole affair funny.

The group had also funded independent-minded Democrat Dennis Kucinich in his losing battle against incumbent Marcy Kaptur.

Because of redistricting, incumbent Democrats Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich have found themselves fighting over the same seat.

A month later Dr. Marcy gave306 ether to a sailor for a small operation, the man feeling no pain.

Jackson and Marcy had been members of the Group of telepaths who had banded together for companionship and mutual protection.

Mrs. Marcy was now less than slender; the blue eyes which had once mildly lighted her countenance were faded.

"Mr. Lenox does not have to imagine much, after all," observed Mr. Blake in his slow way to Mrs. Marcy.

"Your pearls are not so effective as they might be, Miss Marcy," continued the visitor, scanning her as she took a seat.





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