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[ mahr-juh-nl-ahy-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of placing a person or thing in a position of lesser importance, influence, or power; the state of being placed in such a position:

    The social marginalization of overweight adolescents may further reduce their self-esteem and increase depression.

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Example Sentences

Depending on the use case and community in which an AI system exists, the magnification of certain biases can result in detrimental outcomes for groups of people who may already face marginalization.

The popular discontent was driven by the 27-year-long marginalization of most ethnic groups, massive corruption that bankrupted the state, and an ethnic federal arrangement that was being used to sow tensions and ethnic violence.

From Quartz

The marginalization of mental health in this country is nothing new.

From Ozy

The genocide and marginalization of Indigenous people in the Southwest was as brutal and undeniable as the desert sun pounding on our backs.

Today’s CEOs did not initiate the historic marginalization of specific communities.

From Fortune

Around half the Baluch in the province are unemployed, a result, say rights groups, of longstanding marginalization by Tehran.

“Words of condemnation and marginalization were avoided,” he says.

So, what kind of redress might work best for this specific expression of Sunni marginalization and dispossession?

He was trying to end the marginalization of black people in Detroit.

Suffice to say that marginalization and McCarthyite attacks occur from both the left and the right of the political spectrum.